Christina Lasich, MD, Health Professional

Christina Lasich, M.D., wrote about chronic pain and osteoarthritis for HealthCentral. She is physiatrist in Grass Valley, California. She specializes in pain management and spine rehabilitation.

Q&A About All of Your Opioid Related Questions

If you take opioids, you may be wondering if whatever side effect you’re experiencing is related to the drug. Here is what you need to know about anything that is “opioid-induced.”
Christina Lasich, MD

A New Year Offers New Opportunities to Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain

A New Year offers new opportunities to feel better. A new year may bring new scientific breakthroughs. A new year may bring new technologies. A new year may bring new resolutions. What ever your new year brings you; let’s hope for less osteoarthritis ...
Christina Lasich, MD