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FAQs About Celebrex

Is this anti-inflammatory medication right for you? Learn for whom it’s best suited and which conditions it helps treat.

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Pregnancy and Low Back Pain

There are three changes that occur to a pregnant woman’s body that may cause lower back pain. Fortunately, you can learn how to avoid it. Read more.

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The Facts on Tylenol

Acetaminophen, or its popular brand name Tylenol, has been squashing headaches and lowering fevers since the 1950s, but is it completely safe and are you taking it for the right ailments?

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Who's At Risk of Opioid Addiction?

The first step to preventing overdoses by people using opioids is to understand when users may be at greatest risk of becoming addicted. Who’s most vulnerable?

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Using Your Brain to Reduce Pain

Research suggests that mental exercises can actually help lower pain intensity. Here’s what scientists have found.

Man touching his sore elbow.

Common Conditions That Can Mimic OA

Not everything that hurts is arthritis. Although it is easy to sweep aches and pains under the general "rug" of arthritis, there are common conditions that mimic arthritis. Unless the correct diagnosis is uncovered, pain might become chron...

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When Topical Pain Medication Is Better

Sometimes treating pain with topical medication is better for a person than taking pills. See which approach suits you better.

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The Opioid Pain Pump Pros and Cons Revisted After a Malfunction

Recently, in response to the article, Intrathecal Opioid Pumps: Few Pros, Many Cons, a woman shared her story with me as follows: “I’ve had a morphine pump since 2005, and in Oct 2014 it malfunctioned and I had to go in and have it replaced. While th...

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Are Mobile Devices Causing You Pain?

Chronic neck and shoulder pain may be the result of the hours spent in awkward postures while using smartphones and other devices. Here are tips for avoiding the pain.

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MAKOplasty: Is a Partial Knee Replacement Right for You?

If half of your knee is worn out and painfully arthritic, one of your treatment options is to have a partial knee replacement, also known as a MAKOplasty. "MAKO" is the name of the robotic device that assists the surgeon in resurfacing the ...