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Osteoarthritis Runs in the Family

Even though the effects of time, injury, and aging contribute to the likeliness of developing arthritic joints, family history and genetics may be the largest contributing factor of all.

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With Chronic Pain, It's About Discipline

Being disciplined and having humility are key elements to managing pain and living the life you want.

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Doing More with Less Pain

Yes, even with chronic pain you can lead a more active life while hurting less. Here’s how.

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Exercise Guidelines for Osteoporosis

The human body is designed to move. Years ago humans spent hours on a daily basis hunting for food, gathering food and moving from one location to the next. Nowadays, we spend hours sitting in front of a computer, lounging on couches, or riding in ou...

Oxycodone prescription spilling from container on table.

Who Should Avoid Pain Pill Use?

For some people, the risks of opioid painkiller use are likely to outweigh the benefits. Who should be advised to stay away from them?

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The Most Notorious Sources of Pain at Work

Eight hours per day, five days per week can be grueling when an ache, burn or throb is screaming at you. Which pains are the most notorious pains at work?

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Why You Should Say No to Soda

People with pain should be careful to avoid anything that contains sugar, and that includes soda. Here’s why.

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Gender Differences in Knee Osteoarthritis

All the way down to the shape of our knees, the alignment of a woman’s leg is much different from the alignment of a man’s leg, which could affect how you treat OA issues.

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Why Pain Gets Worse

From smoking to too much sugar to the weather, there are plenty of reasons why pain can get worse. Here are 10 common reasons.

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Shoulder Pain After a Stroke

If you’ve suffered a stroke, you may experience pain in the paralyzed shoulder. Learn how conservative measures can go a long way in treating this condition.