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Tackling Spine Fracture Pain

Tackling Spine Fracture Pain

Osteoporotic spine fractures can hurt like the dickens. Sometimes the pain is so excruciating that just rolling over in bed can send tears streaming down the cheek. I recently took care of a woman suffering with this type of pain after fracturing her ...

How to Prepare for Surgery

Surgery is often easier than the recovery. Whether you are having joint replacement surgery or another type of surgery that will correct a skeletal issue, you will need to prepare for the tough road of recovery. Your chances of success depend on it. ...

How Equipment Can Help Ease Pain

Sometimes medications can do only so much for pain. So, you may need to consider using medical equipment to help with everyday tasks.

Holiday Cooking & Recipes

Steps to Lower Your Glycemic Load

Weight gain doesn’t have to be inevitable during the holiday season.

Dealing with Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be hard to treat and can make daily life difficult. What’s best for you, corticosteroid injections or anti-inflammatory oral medications?

Understanding Spinal Disc Herniations

Spinal disc problems can be both very painful and debilitating. Here’s what you should know about them.


Winterize Your Workout

The arrival of winter does not mean the departure of your workout routine! Stock up on the right gear or take your workout inside.

Solutions to Foot and Ankle Arthritis

If you are desperately seeking solutions to your foot and ankle pain, here is a list that may provide you with a fresh new direction towards feeling better with each step you take.

Pain Meds and Your Mood

While pain medications may help you feel better physically, some can have negative impacts on your mental health.

Treating Pain and Addiction

These five principles for treating pain and addiction in the same person provide a good foundation for recovery.