Christine Kennard

Health Professional

Christine Kennard wrote about Alzheimer's for HealthCentral. She has many years of experience in private and public sector nursing care homes for people with dementia. She has worked in a variety of hospital, public and private health settings and specialized in community nursing. Christine is qualified in group analytic psychotherapy, is registered in general and mental health nursing and has a Masters degree.

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What Country is the Best Place for Older People to Live?

According to Global AgeWatch 2015,Switzerland is the best place to live if you are older. Representing about 901 million people and the information measures their lives over four key areas: health, employment, education and their enabling environment...

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Sleep Position May Influence Alzheimer's Risk

Our preferred sleeping position may have a bearing on our risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers from Stony Brook University, suggest our most common side-sleeping (lateral) position is the most effective at removing waste from the brain. Their fin...

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A Coffee a Day Keeps Dementia Away?

It’s always nice to be able to report on the positives. For some time now we’ve reported on the potential benefits of caffeine on reducing or slowing the progress of dementia. At face value it’s one of those win-win situations. Millions of us across ...

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Drug May Slow Memory Decline in Alzheimer's

There is cautious optimism that a new drug could slow the progress of brain decline in people with Alzheimer’s. Could a drug called Solanezumab be the breakthrough that we have hoped for such a long time in the fight against Alzheimer’s? This month t...

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Aging Societies Look to Anti-Aging Futures

Some interesting research has recently been published by scientists from Duke University in North Carolina. They wanted to know why some young people seem to age so much faster than others. You can see it within your friendship groups or by looking a...

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Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia

Behavioral and psychological symptoms in dementia (BPSD) are inevitable. It is estimated that about 90% of people with Alzheimer’s may present with a least one of the following: wandering, agitation, verbal and physical aggression, depression, apathy...

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Aluminum-Risk Factors for Alzheimer's

What if aluminum caused or made a significant contribution to getting Alzheimer’s disease? What if the most abundant metal on the Earth’s crust was implicated in human disease? There are a number of well respected scientists who believe aluminum may ...

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7 Effective Therapeutic Activity Tips for Dementia

Even people in the most disabling stages of dementia can benefit from therapeutic activities. People with dementia, of which Alzheimer’s disease is just one type, have cognitive disabilities; that is, problems with memory, planning, perception, judge...

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Hoarding and Hiding Behaviors in Dementia

We all have possessions. These are the things we value and that make us feel good. We look after them, admire them and sometimes we collect them - but some people hoard. When people with dementia or mental health issues were hidden away in large impe...

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Old Age is an Identity Spoiler

We all use coping strategies and defences in order to shield ourselves from situations and emotions that are difficult. As we age our anxiety often increases and sometimes so does the acceptance of slowing down and deteriorating health. For some peop...