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Adjusting to the Changes and Role Reversal of Alzheimer's

In the last few weeks we have had a number of questions on Our Alzheimer’s about how to deal with change when parents have Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. Role reversal usually happens over a number of months and years, sometimes in a much sh...

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Skin Care in Late Stage Alzheimer's-Nursing Care Tips

Taking care of the skin is central to the health, comfort and wellbeing of people with Alzheimer’s. By the late stage of the disease they are totally reliant on your attention. I want to give you some nursing care tips about basic skin hygiene and ho...

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Alzheimer's Caregiving Tips: Coping with Screaming and Other Loud Repetitive Vocalizations

One of the most distressing and difficult behaviors that can manifest itself in Alzheimer’s disease is screaming and other very loud, repetitive vocalizations. Sometimes people can scream or shout words that have no precise meaning for very long peri...

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New Warning On Common Drugs that Cause Early Death in Elders

Taking medication for long-term health problems has made a major contribution to lengthening and improving our lives. In many countries living into the eighties and nineties has become very common. However, drugs can cause side-effects and when docto...

Dementia and PTSD in Veterans and Victims of War
Healthy Lifestyles for Veterans

Dementia and PTSD in Veterans and Victims of War

Although the mechanism between trauma and dementia has yet to be unraveled, we know the brain pays a huge and ongoing price when subjected to trauma.

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People with Alzheimer's Can Be Reliable Witnesses to Crime

Elder abuse is a major problem, as are many types of other crimes where the victim has Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia. Relatives, Social Services, Police and legal authorities may often dismiss information given to them because they ...

Smiling senior woman with her caregiver.

The Impact of Alzheimer's on Roles & Relationships

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s changes everything and often results in major tensions and difficulties within the family. Because Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease affecting cognition and communication, it threatens relationships inside and outside th...

Major world religion symbols drawn on chalkboard.

Can Religion be a Comfort for People with Dementia?

As end of life approaches people tend to become more religious and it may have helpful features for those with dementia.

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How Should Nursing Care Homes Cope with Aggression and Violence?

A reader of OurAlzheimer’ is very upset. A loved one has been asked to leave a care home because he is exhibiting challenging behavior. It is not an uncommon situation. There are however a number of things you can establish when trying to decide ...

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Normal Aging or Alzheimers?

One of the most frequently asked questions on OurAlzheimer’s is, do I have Alzheimer’s or is my memory loss just a sign that I am getting old? It is true that historically we used to associate memory loss and changes in thinking as a natural part of ...