Christine Miller, Patient Expert

Christine Miller wrote about rheumatoid arthritis as a Patient Expert for HealthCentral. She was diagnosed at 16 months old with polyarticular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and has gone through the ebbs and flows of disease activity — many medications, much time spent in physical and occupational therapy, surgeries, and periods of relative remission.

Swimming and Water Exercise: Great for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Swimming can be a great way to move, but if you’re not a swimmer, there are other ways to move in water. Water walking, water aerobics, hot tub stretching, and other forms of aquatic exercise can reduce pain in your joints and help you strengthen you...
Christine Miller

Wrist splints pros and cons

Credit: Thinkstock The wrist is one of the most common joints to be affected by rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, about 75% of people with RA have arthritis in the wrists, marked by pain, inflammation, joint structure damage and loss of range of motion. ...
Christine Miller

Foot impairments and walking disability with RA

Rheumatoid arthritis frequently affects the joints of the foot and ankle; commonly the joints that connect the toes to the foot (called the metatarsophalangeal joint or MTP joint). This is what we usually call the ball of the foot. And it can also af...
Christine Miller

Sleep Disorders Common with RA

Do you have problems falling asleep? Do you wake frequently during the night? Do you feel fatigued or sleepy during the day? If you do, you aren’t alone. Many adults and children with RA and other rheumatic diseases have sleep problems. So many, that ...
Christine Miller