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Does Weather Affect Your Arthritis?

Many people insist that they can tell when bad weather is coming because it makes their joints hurt. Usually people say that cold or rain makes their arthritic joints ache, but scientific evidence has been difficult to find because of the lack of unb...

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Infliximab (Remicade) Linked to Atherosclerosis

Over the past few years, studies have shown that people with rheumatoid arthritis and other rheumatic diseases have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease because of inflammation throughout the body. This can be compounded by lack of physical activi...

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Can You Have Too Much Green Tea?

In a recent study published last month, researchers reported that green tea may help ease the inflammation and pain of rheumatoid arthritis. In that study, isolated synovial joint cells were treated with the active compound in green tea, called epiga...

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FDA Advisory Panel to Evaluate Arcoxia - Vioxx Replacement

On Thursday, April 12 an FDA advisory panel will discuss whether or not to recommend that the FDA approve Merck & Co’s COX-2 inhibitor, Arcoxia (etoricoxib). The drug is manufactured by Merck, the same company that made Vioxx, which was pulled fr...

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Ayurvedic Medicine to Treat RA

I recently read a news story online on that the University of Washington is conducting a study on the effectiveness of combining Ayurveda with traditional Western medicine for the treatment of RA. The university is conducting the stud...


Patient Factors that Affect Surgery Outcomes

Here are some individual-specific pre- and post-surgery considerations that affect how well and how quickly a person might recovery from joint surgery.

Ankle being bandaged.

Surgical Options: Ankle Replacement Surgery

Although total ankle replacement surgery has been in existence and researched since the 1970s, it has never progressed to the same level of use as hip and knee replacement for rheumatoid arthritis.

Close up of hand with biofeedback nodes attached.

Alternative Treatments: Biofeedback

Biofeedback is a treatment technique used by doctors, physical therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists or other health care professionals to help train a patient to self control specific physiological functions using signals given off by their own b...

Doctor reading latest study about medication.

Merck's Vioxx Replacement Gets Mixed Reviews

Results of Arcoxia studies and explanation.

Homeopathic medicines in vials.

Treating RA with Complementary Medicine: Homeotherapy

Homeotherapy is defined as the treatment of disease using homeopathic principles. Read on to find out if homeotherapy can help your rheumatoid arthritis.