Corinna Cornejo

Corinna Cornejo is a Latina, diabetes patient advocate, and patient-centered health and healthcare content writer. Diagnosed in 2009, Corinna blogs about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness while living with type 2 diabetes at Type 2 Musings. You can also find her thoughts and musings on Twitter @Type2Musings.

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Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Taking Insulin

Starting insulin is a significant change to how you manage diabetes. Here are a few things I wished I’d known when making this transition.

Saying "No" for Your Health and Diabetes Management

By saying "no" to things that raise our blood glucose levels, stress us out, or undermine our self-care, we are saying "yes" to our health.

Mentally Preparing for an Emergency

Being mentally prepared can help you through an emergency without derailing your diabetes management. Learn about resources available to help you plan.

Every Season Is a New Beginning

The change of seasons can disrupt your life, but it can also be a chance to stop, reflect, and start over with courage to face the road ahead.

Managing New Diabetes Prescriptions

A type 2 diabetes diagnosis often comes with new prescriptions. Learn how to adjust your daily self-care routine to include prescription medications.

Gestational Diabetes: A Letter to My Younger, Expectant Self

Thinking back, what would I tell my younger self about how to take care of myself after childbirth?

Diabetes in the Workplace: A Supervisor’s Guide

Do you supervise someone who is living with diabetes? Learn about your employee’s rights and your responsibilities under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Starting Insulin for Type 2 Diabetes

When a person starts taking insulin it brings a new level of complexity to treating type 2 diabetes. Find out everything there is to know about using insulin.

4 Things to Consider When Disclosing Diabetes at Work

Whether you’re newly diagnosed, new to the job, or starting a new treatment, you may want to think about disclosing your diabetes in your workplace.