Cyndi Jordan

Patient Expert

Cyndi Jordan wrote about Migraine as a Patient Expert for HealthCentral. She is a member of the American Headache and Migraine Association and a Migraine advocate.

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Not tonight have a headache.

Migraine Book Review: Not Tonight

This isn’t your traditional self-help book. It’s a scholarly investigation of society’s view of migraines. But is it worth reading?

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Migraine Term of the Day: Titrate

Don’t get lost in the migraine medical jargon. Brush up on your migraine language with this explanation of Titrate.

Taking an aspirin

Preventive Migraine Treatments

Preventive treatment is one of the more important aspects of migraine management. What is it, and should you be using it?

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Migraines vs. Other Headache Disorders

There are hundreds of classified headache disorders. What makes them different from migraines?

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What Exactly Is White Matter?

When your doctor is throwing new terms at your relating to your headache or migraine, you want to be able to understand them. Here’s what they mean when they say, “White Matter.”

Woman's hands on steering wheel.

Should You Drive With Migraines?

Not only is driving with a migraine extremely dangerous, it’s also against the law. Here’s what to know before getting behind the wheel.

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Picking a Migraine Specialist

Moving on from your current migraine specialist–or finding one in the first place–can be a daunting decision. Here are eight things to consider.

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The Meaning of Antiemetic

Migraine terms—and medical terms in general—can be complicated. Learn the definition of antiemetic and how it relates to migraines.

Migraine world

Migraine and Our Hypersensitive Brains

Do migraines make you more sensitive to light, sound, temperature and odor? You just may have a hypersensitive brain.

meditating at sunset.

Can Meditation Help Migraines?

Meditation has been shown to help a variety of physical and psychological conditions, but what about migraines? We look at a study that examines the potential effects.