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Dan and Jennifer Digmann wrote about multiple sclerosis for HealthCentral as Patient Experts.

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Emergency Situations, Hotel Stays and Mobility: Question of the Week

It was supposed to be the perfect trip. We were celebrating Dan’s 40th birthday with a couple of his closest friends in a fantastic city, Chicago. And the best part: We had tickets to see Dan’s favorite, Bruce Springsteen and his legendary E Street B...

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My Experience with Plasmapheresis for Multiple Sclerosis

I have known for a little more than 10 years my Multiple Sclerosis is no longer considered relapsing remitting. 10 years ago that information was very hard to hear. I remember thinking, "Sure whatever, doc. Like you know for sure that I now have ...

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Getting a Cold with MS: Adding Fuel to the Fire

I count my blessings that Multiple Sclerosis is like a fire smoldering inside of me. Seldom does it ever rage to a full-blown blaze. With relapsing-remitting MS, it’s as though the embers continue burning underneath the surface of my skin. The numbne...

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Questions You Really Want to Ask About MS

Shortly after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I realized I hated the disease. Yes, I know it is not nice to hate anything, but MS could handle it. After all, this disease was a source of emotional pain and fear in the beginning, and really, ...

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Working Around Physical Limitations

Some people may think that having Multiple Sclerosis limits my wife, Jennifer, and me. After all, she no longer walks and has used a wheelchair for nine years, and my hands are always numb and I have worked as a writer for more than a decade. Togethe...

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Multiple Sclerosis Complications: Trigeminal Neuralgia

I like to smile, and I smile a lot. I take pride in my dental hygiene. That’s always been an aspect of my health I could control. Twice daily brushing and regular flossing made my dental visits pretty painless. That is why last November, well, it bit...