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David Knowles, M.D.

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David R. Knowles, M.D., is a urologist who wrote about sexual dysfunction issues for HealthCentral. He graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. His residency training at New York Presbyterian Hospital included training at the New York Center for Human Sexuality. He is board certified in adult and pediatric urology by the American Board of Urology. His is a general adult and pediatric urologist at Advanced Urologic Surgeons in Mount Vernon, Illinois.

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Erectile Dysfunction and Your Partner

I would like to discuss the importance of partners and the relationships in Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and how they play an important role in the treatment of ED. Today many relationships suffer greatly due to the loss of physical relations due to ED. ...

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Meet Dr. David Knowles

Dr. Knowles is a urologist who has joined our community. He will be writing about sexual dysfunction issues and answering your questions. David R. Knowles, M.D., grew up and went to high school in Nebraska and then graduated from Columbia College of ...

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Ask the Expert

Every month, Dr. Knowles answers your questions about erectile dysfunction. Email Dr. Knowles at with your question. This week I would like to answer some interesting questions that have been asked by our vi...