David Mendosa

Patient Expert

David Mendosa was a journalist who learned in 1994 that he had type 2 diabetes, which he wrote about exclusively. He died in May 2017 after a short illness unrelated to diabetes. He wrote thousands of diabetes articles, two books about it, created one of the first diabetes websites, and published a monthly newsletter, “Diabetes Update.” His very low-carbohydrate diet, A1C level of 5.3, and BMI of 19.8 kept his diabetes in remission without any drugs until his death.

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Low-carb, high-fat, and moderate protein diets have made it possible for many overweight people to become slim. But it does much more.

Fear of Needles and Diabetes

If you are afraid of needles, you are not alone. More people have what is called needle phobia than have diabetes. At least 10 percent of us have needle phobia.

The 7 Best Probiotic Foods for Diabetes

Probiotic foods are fermented, but not all fermented foods are probiotic. Beer and wine are fermented but aren’t probiotic, which most of the scientific community defines as live microorganisms that can confer a health benefit. Just about all cuisine...

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Those with chronic illness, including diabetes, should take caution with toxic relationships.

Why Should You Eat Organic for Diabetes?

Eating organically grown food is especially important for people with diabetes who may have a compromised immune system.

Weather Emergencies and Diabetes

How to prepare your insulin and other diabetes supplies (and, yourself) for all the storms of life.

Myth About Diabetes and Progression

Will your type 2 diabetes get progressively worse? It might if you follow the advice of most doctors.

The Glycemic Index Controversy

Credit: Thinkstock A study by scientists at Tufts University in the Boston area, published in 2016, challenged the usefulness of the glycemic index in showing how foods affect our blood glucose levels. But some of the leading researchers of the glyce...

Eat and Drink Mindfully to Manage Your Diabetes and Weight

Most, if not all, the studies of mindful eating and drinking have focused on weight loss rather than on diabetes. But losing weight matters to almost everyone with type 2 diabetes because it is the first step in managing the disease. Eating and drink...

Get Support For Your Diabetes Management

Credit: iStock Websites like HealthCentral.com and Mendosa.com are the best way for you to find information and the latest news that you can use to manage diabetes or pre-diabetes. But no website is perfect at providing everything everybody needs. We ...