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David Wygant is an author and relationships expert who wrote about sexual health and relationships for HealthCentral.

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Attention All Women Explore Yourself Sexually

There is a conversation that comes up time and time again with my women clients that I think is really interesting. So many women tell me how they want to explore themselves sexually, but then tell me all the reasons why they don’t do it or why they ...

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How To Dress Your Age To Attract Men

Let’s talk about dressing, and let’s talk about misperceptions. I just got off of the phone with an interesting client of mine, and she sent me a few photos of herself. These are photos of her with her daughter. The client is about 47, and her daught...

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Women Show Your Interest: 4 Reasons Why

I have a confession as a man that I need to make to all the women: We men are clueless about anything subtle that you do. We really are. You need to be obvious to get our attention. If you’re familiar with what I teach to women, you know that I tell ...

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Understanding the Confident/Nervous Guy

So let’s say there is a guy you are attracted to whom you see all the time. When you see him, he’s always out with his friends, laughing and just having a great time with his buddies. Every time you try to talk to him, though, he gets all nervous. Yo...

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Man Talk

When you first look at a man and a woman, you are able to notice the subtle differences between the sexes. It is when the two sexes communicate with each other, however, that the differences become truly glaring. This is because one is speaking &quot...

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I Fell In Love With My F*%^ Buddy

I was asked a question the other night while hanging out with friends at The Standard Hotel. One of them asked me “Is it possible to fall in love with your f*%^ buddy?” Now for some Americans, it’s called a booty call. In London, they always call it ...