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Deanne Stein wrote about heart disease as a patient expert for HealthCentral.

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Leg Pain and DVT

I had quite a scare this past week. I woke up in the middle of the night with extreme calf pain in both of my legs. It wasn’t like a charley horse or anything because the sharp pain was the entire calf and different from a muscle cramp. It’s very dif...

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Goodbye, Coumadin

Going off my Coumadin scares the heck out of me. The blood thinner was prescribed to me back in 2001 following my stroke. I always knew there was a risk of bleeding while taking Coumadin, but the fear of having another stroke outweighed that risk for ...

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Post Cardiac Care

Cardiac arrest can be deadly, but once a patient’s heart has been re-started, many people assume all is well. But is more care needed following cardiac arrest? Take our quiz to find out.

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Blood Clots: Signs and Symptoms

Blood clots are scary. Sometimes you don’t even know there are there, until it’s too late. That was the case for me. I was going along, living life, feeling fine, and then suddenly I couldn’t move my arm or talk. It happened that quickly. One second ...

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Food shopping made easy: Access your grocery list from your cell phone!

It’s always something. That’s a saying my son and I came up with years ago and it’s so true. Case in point, my son finally remembered to bring his math book home to do his homework (he’s horrible about that), but then left the completed work at home ...

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Improved Heart Statistics

Sometimes I’m tired. Sometimes I feel lazy. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing my blog. I’ve been working with the American Heart Association and other organizations for years. I’ve worked to build awareness about stroke and how to prevent it. Havin...

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Salt: Limit your intake for better heart health

I love to cook, but unfortunately I don’t always have the time when I’m working. However, now that I’m on maternity leave, I have been able to cook up some yummy dinners for my family, as long as my newborn cooperates. When I do cook, I love to seaso...

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Staph Infections

Superbug. It’s a term that’s been in the news a lot lately. However, I was hearing about this infection even before it became a recent headline. Earlier this fall, my son was very concerned about contracting it. Superbug is a nickname for MRSA, which ...

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Massage Therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation

My plan for a relaxing week prior to the planned birth of my daughter was anything but relaxing. That’s because I actually gave birth a week early. However, that won’t stop me from revealing what I learned in the process, even though I didn’t actuall...

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Welcome Baby Annabelle!

The plan was simple and well thought out by my three doctors. My pregnancy was considered high-risk because of my history of stroke. So, for around eight months, my OB, my high-risk OB and my neurologist closely monitored me. It was only fitting to h...