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Diana L. Walcutt, M.D., is a psychologist who wrote about mental health for HealthCentral.

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Blood Tests For Antidepressants, Are They Worth It Yet?

Last Spring, I went to a conference in which blood tests for deciding the "right’ medication for mood disorders was discussed. These tests determine how a person metabolizes a certain medication, then the doctor could decide what is best for his ...

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The Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Gosh, ain’t it great that we can have something that is not only good for you, but fun to use? I’m talking about chocolate Yes sir, dark gold, pure happiness! You’ve probably heard the buzz about dark chocolate, and how it’s good for your blood press...

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Benzodiazepines, Are They Safe?

I cannot tell you how many times I read this question. Yes, people are often using brand names, but they are asking whether they are safe, how much they can take, if they can change the dose or stop taking it without asking their doctors. Just so we ...

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Breathing Lessons: How to Master Your Stress or Anxiety

Breathing Lessons Do you think you know how to breathe properly? We bet you don’t Ninety percent of the people we ask don’t breathe in a way that can help them master their stress. It truly is something that you have to learn and practice, practice, ...

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Part One; What's Happening to My Body? Knowledge is Power

When you’re anxious, or after a panic attack, I’m sure that you can tell me what you are feeling and and perhaps, you can even describe what you were thinking during your anxiety or a panic attack. But there is something else going on, a physical com...