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Menopausal Women Can Become Ageless Goddesses

Some women feel like menopause marks the beginning of the downhill slide in their lives. However, what if that notion doesn’t have to be the case? What if, instead, women at any age – including the menopausal transition – can recalibrate their life t...

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Why You Should Try a No-Netflix Diet

Netflix can be addicting, but the truth is, binge-watching isn’t very good for your health. Here’s why it’s a bad habit to develop.

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Start Your Morning with Easy, Tasty Vegetable Hash

In my family I am famous for avoiding traditional breakfasts. Pancakes, waffles and French toast don’t agree with me; they leave me feeling really sluggish for the rest of the day. Occasionally, I’ll have an omelet, but rarely eat bacon, sausage, ham ...

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Age and Breast Cancer Screenings

The biggest benefit of screenings may be for women ages 50 to 74.

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Nickel Allergy Could Be Cause Of Weight Gain

It’s not just your coin purse or jewelry you should stay away from, but foods like dried fruit.

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Study: 1 in 4 Americans Totally Inactive

How have you done on your New Year’s resolutions? How about making a resolution for 2015 (even though we’re a quarter of the way done with this year)? If you do want to recommit to a goal, I’d encourage you to find ways to get more physically active ...

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Risk Factors

Skipping Breakfast May Increase Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

You wake up, check your Facebook page and Twitter account, and then jump in the shower. After pulling on your work clothes, you check the day’s weather forecast before heading out to your car to drive to work. Does this seem like a typical morning ro...

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Living With

Foot Pain and Menopause

Middle-age women often wish to be swept off their feet – but the reason may be due to foot pain instead of romance. Your feet change because of decades of standing and moving, which puts pressure on the feet’s 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 120 mu...

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Creativity May Protect The Brain

Recently invest in a painting or sculpting set? Your brain is thanking you.

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Saffron Offers Multiple Health Benefits

Who knew that saffron - one of the most expensive spices that you’ll find – has great health benefits? This spice, which is labor-intensive to cultivate since it involves harvesting the stigma (the pollen-gathering part) of a specific type of crocus, ...