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Mushrooms are Good for You

Mushrooms are often referred to as functional foods, meaning they have a potentially positive effect on health because they offer additional disease-reducing benefits.

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Study Links Frequent Hot Flashes to Increased Risk of Hip Fracture

I sometimes get dirty looks from some of my friends when we talk about the menopausal transition. They often describe horrendous hot flashes that come unexpectedly. I, on the other hand, have had very few hot flashes. In fact, I basically figured out ...

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7 Tips to Feel Younger with Menopause

You’re only as old as you feel!

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Fitness Trends for 2015

Some new fitness programs are actually targeting older adults. Here are some to consider.

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A Time to Give Thanks for Gifts Learned From Being a Caregiver

November is National Caregiving Month. And obviously, this month is an emotionally laden one in the United States since we’re celebrating Thanksgiving, kicking off the beginning of the festive December holidays that so many families hold so dear. I’v...

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Menopausal Transition Can Trigger Adult-Onset Asthma

Recently a friend shared that she has been diagnosed with moderate persistent asthma, which is a new diagnosis for her. "It basically means I have symptoms pretty much daily and some are severe," she said. "I have never been told I ha...

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Holiday Cooking & Recipes

Healthy Nuts for the Holidays

Winter seems to be a time when people go especially “nutty.” Think pecan pie for Thanksgiving, pecan pralines as Christmas gifts and bowls of mixed nuts that are put out for nibbling at holiday parties. But what are the healthiest types of nuts?

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Alzheimer's Claims Beloved 'Car Talk' Co-Host

One of my friends often hesitates accepting invitations on Saturday morning. Her real reason - the programming on our local NPR station. She loves to listen to "Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me," but I think her real obsession has been with &quot...

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Older Men Need to Embrace Diet, Exercise to Avoid Osteoporosis

I can hear middle-aged people saying now, "Osteoporosis is a woman’s issue." However, that statement is not telling the whole story. While it is fairly common knowledge that women have a high risk of developing this condition after the age ...

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Weight Gain Hurts Your Brain

Menopausal weight gain doesn’t just hinder your ability to fit in those old jeans—it also increases your chances of getting dementia.