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Bill Quick, M.D., is a physician who lives with diabetes. He is the editor of www.D-is-for-Diabetes.com and a past president of the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Dr. Quick wrote about diabetes for HealthCentral.

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Insulin vials and a syringe.

Bad Insulin: When to Toss the Vial

Learn how to store your insulin to keep its potency, and how you can tell when it has gone bad and needs to be thrown out.

What to Ask Your Doctor about Non-Insulin Injectables

What to Ask Your Doctor about Non-Insulin Injectables

Non-insulin injectables might be the treatment you’ve been looking for to control your diabetes, once and for all.

What You Need To Know About The Flu This Year

Each autumn, it’s appropriate to remind people with chronic conditions (and everyone else) to get your annual flu vaccination.

There's Always a First Shot

There's Always a First Shot

Once upon a time, everyone who uses insulin or other injectable medications had to take their first shot. It’s a nerve-wracking experience, to be sure, and one that elicits fear, loathing, sweating, tremors, tears, and memories of childhood injection...

Hope for Neuropathy Sufferers

Our local newspaper recently had a four-page full-color advertising insert titled “Encouraging News for Neuropathy Patients.” As neuropathy is a common and frustrating complication of diabetes, I was intrigued, and read the entire insert. According t...

CGM Withdrawal Syndrome

Technology to manage diabetes, such as a continuous glucose monitor, can be very helpful. But what do you do if it poops out on you?

Woman Checks Her Blood Sugar

I'm out of control

I’m out of control solutions for both my blood glucose meters. And I must admit, I haven’t thought about control solutions (which I’ll abbreviate as CSs) for at least a year, ever since I received my most recent meter, and dutifully ran the CS on it ...

Diabetes and Eye Care

Diabetes and Eye Care

How important are regular eye exams if you’re living with diabetes?

What You Should Know About Storing Insulin

What You Should Know About Storing Insulin

Ever wonder how long a vial of refrigerated insulin can last? See what Dr. Bill Quick says about what to look for to see if insulin may have gone bad.

Traveling with Diabetes

Living with diabetes shouldn’t stop you from traveling - but you should be traveling safe and prepared. Follow this checklist to make sure you’re ready for summer travel!