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Diabetes Q&A

Dr. Bill Quick answers your questions about insulin resistance, cough medicine, alcohol, and more.

Diabetes Drugs for Weight Loss

A new liraglutide drug was recently approved by the FDA for weightloss—while those with diabetes use the same thing for bloog sugar levels.

Diabetes Q&A: Normal and Target Lab Values; Life; What to Eat; What Meds for T2D

  1. What does an elevated bilirubin number mean? Bilirubin is a yellow-colored substance that is formed as a result of the destruction of old red blood cells. The amount of "bili" can be measured in the blood. The usual cause of excess bili...

A Diabetes Q&A

Dr. Bill Quick answers questions about managing blood glucose, the relationship between diabetes and bell’s palsy, causes of stiff shoulders and more.

What to Know About Nightscout

A healthcare professional living with diabetes reviews the new Nightscout gadget and includes a step-by-step user guide.

New Antibody Test For Type 1 Diabetes

The FDA recently approved a new antibody test to help diagnose type 1 diabetes. It should be available to U.S. and Canadian labs soon.

Clindamycin, bursitis, and hyperglycemia

I recently saw the following question: I’m a juvenile-onset (type 1) diabetic. I was prescribed clindamycin for olecranon bursitis [inflammation of the fluid-filled sac at the elbow], and have been running higher than normal blood sugar levels since ...

Biosimilars: Insulin Glargine Look-Alikes and Knock-Offs

There’s been recent media attention to another term that physicians and pharmacists dealing with diabetes will need to become more familiar with – “biosimilars.” What is a biosimilar? It’s a biologic product that has proven to the regulatory authorit...

A1C Levels for Truck Drivers

I recently saw the following question: I am a truck driver who was diagnosed with type 2. What is an acceptable level when it comes to the A1c? My reply: What level of A1C is “acceptable” depends on who you ask According to the American Diabetes Asso...

My Feet are Burning and Pins Are Sticking

I recently saw the following question: My feet feel like something is stuck to the bottom of them all the time. They burn sometimes and sometimes they feel like pins are sticking in them. What can I take to make them feel better? I have type 2 diabet...