Cindy Haines, M.D., Health Professional

Cindy Haines, M.D., wrote about diet and exercise for HealthCentral.

Yoga for Triathletes

Here are five yoga poses to consider in the quest for better times and fewer injuries in your beloved triathlons.
Cindy Haines, M.D.

The Compound Effect: Small Decisions Can Make a Big Impact

I have this recurrent thought about the power of the compound effect in health and (dare I even suggest it) happiness. That the little (and not so little) choices we make in our everyday lives, the decisions that soon become ingrained into usual rout...
Cindy Haines, M.D.

My "40 Days to Personal Revolution"

My mom had major surgery to save her life this year. I was fortunate to be able to be by her and my dad’s side. That’s a true gift - I was able to experience moments of love and grace with my mother and father that I will cherish and keep with me for...
Cindy Haines, M.D.

Diet and Exercise: What's the Point?

All this talk about diet and exercise - It’s got me thinking about the point of it all. As an American female, of course I know all too well what the perceived priority is: Be as thin and beautiful as possible. Food and exercise are tools that must b...
Cindy Haines, M.D.

How Do Sex Differences Affect Our Health? Ladies first "¦

My girlfriends and I often talk about how lucky we are to be alive in this day and age of opportunity for women – but also about how balancing our career and family options can be challenging. I also take interest when my guy friends talk about their ...
Cindy Haines, M.D.