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Medical Marijuana Benefits Overstated: Studies

Marijuana studies suggest medical benefits might be overstated and lung damage can’t be ignored.

A Guide to Sleep Testing

Are sleep questionnaires and home sleep tests good at diagnosing sleep disorders like sleep apnea?

Latest Guidelines for Asthma in Pregnancy

If you have asthma before pregnancy, or if it develops in pregnancy, can you take your medications?

What You Should Know About the Pneumococcal Vaccine

Parents and seniors are likely familiar with Pneumovax23. What do you know about the new Prevnar13?

Nagging Cough? Learn About Different Types

A persistent cough is no fun. Learn about the causes of cough and how to alleviate this annoyance.

Natural Cigarettes Are Safer, Right?

Cigarettes that are branded as ‘natural’ may mislead smokers to believe that they are safer, when they actually carry many of the same risks as other products.

How Good Are Walk-in Health Clinics?

Many retail outlets, like chain pharmacies, now have walk-in health clinics to convince consumers that all of their needs can be handled at one location.

Sleep Can Affect Home Play Advantage

In baseball, home play assures the win, right? But jetlag can sometimes ruin it for the home team.

When It Comes to COPD, Gender Matters!

Gender plays an increasingly important role in COPD. Women are underdiagnosed and “hit harder.”

The Link Between Asthma and Insomina

An ongoing longitudinal population survey indicates that there is a clear association between asthma and insomnia.