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Nagging Cough? Learn About Different Types

A persistent cough is no fun. Learn about the causes of cough and how to alleviate this annoyance.

Natural Cigarettes Are Safer, Right?

Cigarettes that are branded as ‘natural’ may mislead smokers to believe that they are safer, when they actually carry many of the same risks as other products.

How Good Are Walk-in Health Clinics?

Many retail outlets, like chain pharmacies, now have walk-in health clinics to convince consumers that all of their needs can be handled at one location.

Sleep Can Affect Home Play Advantage

In baseball, home play assures the win, right? But jetlag can sometimes ruin it for the home team.

When It Comes to COPD, Gender Matters!

Gender plays an increasingly important role in COPD. Women are underdiagnosed and “hit harder.”

The Link Between Asthma and Insomina

An ongoing longitudinal population survey indicates that there is a clear association between asthma and insomnia.

'Barrel Chest': An Explainer

The term “barrel chest” has been used frequently in medical literature, typically to describe a finding during a physical examination. It is also a term used in text books and clinical papers describing an attribute that is suggestive of a clinical p...

Pet Danger: Secondhand and Thirdhand Smoke

If you smoke, you don’t want your spouse, child, close friends, or co-workers exposed to the dangers of the smoke produced when you light up. After all, this is your habit or addiction, not theirs. But did you know that not only can you expose your d...

Is Napping Really Good for You?

Is there a real measurable benefit to napping? Here are some of the answers on the benefits (real and perceived) of different types of naps.

One Downside to Being a Baker: Baker's Asthma

This specific type of asthma occurs in workers who spend significant amounts of time in the baking areas - exposed to flour dust.