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Dreams and Nightmares: What They Are, Why They Occur

Dreams are a normal part of sleep physiology. Nightmares, meanwhile, are essentially bad dreams associated with negative feelings such as fear and anxiety.

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Is Melatonin Kid-Friendly?

Did you know that the popular sleep aid melatonin is not a drug or a medication?

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Second Opinion

The Prevalence of Asthma by Industry: Are You At Risk?

In a surprising state-by-state survey, researchers have now highlighted the top jobs that put a person at the highest risk for asthma. Could you be working at one?

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GOLD Guidelines to Treat COPD Updated

In 2001, a consensus of professionals in the treatment of chronic pulmonary disease (COPD) released the first version of the Global Initiative for Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (GOLD).

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Can You Be Asleep When You're Awake?

You’ve got one amazing brain. It allows for states of being awake and asleep, with distinct phases during those two states. In fact, there are three states of consciousness: awake, REM, and Non REM. ’Mixed phases’ of sleep and wakefulnessThere is rea...

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New Sleep Apps and How They Can Help

Many applications or apps today target health and fitness goals. Among these are apps developed to specifically help with sleep disorders. Most sleep apps have a way of differentiating sleep state from wakeful state. This technology is called “accele...

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Immigration and Tuberculosis: America's New Problem?

Illegal immigration was a huge focus in the 2016 presidential election and remains a flashpoint topic today. In response to the positions on this issue expressed by President-elect Donald Trump, officials in many cities and communities nationwide dec...

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Is Sleep Deprivation Hurting Your Immune System?

You’ve likely heard about how sleep is crucial to your health. Studies have shown how sleep deprivation can contribute to obesity by decreasing levels of the hunger hormone leptin and elevating the hunger hormone ghrelin. It can raise the risk of dev...

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Understanding the Sleep-Chronic Pain Connection

Pain, whether acute or chronic, disrupts sleep. Chronic pain specifically is a true sleep disruptor. In the presence of chronic pain, there are extended periods of poor quality sleep or insomnia and either of those situations results in extended heal...

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Short Sleep and Poor Sleep Are Heartbreakers

When someone suggests that you re-think your lifestyle habits, you likely focus on your diet and exercise habits and maybe even your stress levels, as you make efforts to improve your health. Those are certainly areas in your life that directly impac...