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Tired young woman out for a run at night.
Risk Factors

Missed Signs of Depression

Sadness isn’t always present in depression, making it harder to detect.

Surgical oncologist at NYU Langone Health, Amber A. Guth, MD.
Five Questions

The Rise of Genetic Testing for Cancer

Genetic testing for cancer has lost its stigma and gone mainstream. In this Q&A, surgical oncologist Amber A. Guth explains why that's great for patients.

Senior husband holding sick wife's hand.
Death & Dying

Feeling Grief, Relief, and Guilt as Caregiving Ends

A mix of emotions is common for caregivers when caregiving responsibilities are over. Here are some coping strategies.

Couple looking out airport window at tarmac.

Caregiving on the Go: Dealing With Airport Stress

Traveling with an older family member can be a journey into intense caregiving. Here’s what I learned.

couple on cruise ship image

Medical Care on a Cruise: What to Know

A former cruise ship doctor explains what you can expect if you need medical care on the ocean.

seniors doing yoga

What Should You Know About Yoga?

Yoga classes for those over 50 are popping up around the U.S. Here’s what you need to know about doing yoga.