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Dealing with a COPD Flare Up

Don’t ignore your symptoms. The longer you wait to seek treatment, the worse your flare-up can become. Jump on a flare-up immediately so you can recover as quickly as possible without doing further damage to your lungs.

How to Handle Stress with UC

Too much stress can end up causing more discomfort than the original problem. Try these tips to encourage calm.

Answers About Biologics

Biologics are a class of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) drugs that target agents of the immune response that cause inflammation, such as tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha). Biologic agents are genetically engineered from living organisms. They ...

6 Ways to Avoid Lung Infections

For people with COPD and other related respiratory illnesses, these tips can help keep flare-ups at bay.

How to Eat Healthy

Proper nutrition is critical for COPD patients. It not only improves health overall and helps prevent flareups, but it can also provide a boost of needed energy for daily activities. Here are some ways to maintain a healthy diet.

Signs of a COPD Flare Up

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a lifelong respiratory condition that usually refers to chronic bronchitis or emphysema. Sometimes symptoms can worsen due to various triggers or infection, causing a COPD exacerbation, or flare up. Kee...

Maintaining a Positive Outlook with UC

Don’t stress about the future and let your mind run wild with things you can’t control or what may happen. Worry and anxiety will only weaken your immune system—and wreak havoc on your emotions. Be totally present in the moment and enjoy how things a...

Common Acid Reflux Triggers

You might think this refreshing herb would cool down heartburn and soothe reflux. Surprisingly, it does just the opposite. Mint relaxes the muscles in your esophagus, including the sphincter, so acid and other food remnants can flow back up to worsen ...

Your Migraine Treatment Options

Migraines are more common than people think and education is one of the more important tools for improving migraine care and management. Dr. David Watson, director of West Virginia University Headache Center and associate professor of neurology at We...

Tackling an Ironman with IBD

Last year, when Brian Greenberg lay in agonizing pain recovering from yet another surgery related to his Crohn’s disease, he never lost hope. “Once I was healthy enough, I knew it would be a goal I would have,” said Brian, who was first diagnosed wit...