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How to Become a Health Advocate

Candace H. Lerman lives with a rare disease. She's also a driven patient advocate on Capitol Hill. Learn how she does it.

Why Your Teeth Are Vital For Your Health

Health journalist Mary Otto explores why dental care is not fully covered under health insurance and other issues about the importance of oral health.

The Key Facts About Gastric (Stomach) Cancer

What do you need to know about stomach cancer? Learn the facts and figures about this type of cancer that is impacted by surrounding organs.

September is National Ovarian Cancer Month

Ovarian cancer awareness month happens every September, but how much awareness do you have about the disease?

David Mendosa, HealthCentral Contributor, Dies at 81

David Mendosa, the leading type 2 diabetes advocate and writer for HealthCentral for 12 years, passed away after a short illness on May 8, 2017. He was 81.