Fran Cogen, M.D., Health Professional

Fran Cogen, M.D., C.D.E., is the director of the Childhood and Adolescent Diabetes Program at Children’s National Health System. She wrote about diabetes for HealthCentral.

Can I Eat Pizza If I Have Diabetes?

Question: Is pizza incompatible with diabetes? Answer: Absolutely not The real question is how do I manage to incorporate pizza into my diet without experiencing marked hyperglycemia? Answer: Experiment! The “pizza” food group is often a staple in th...
Fran Cogen, M.D.

Diagnosing Diabetes in Children and Adolescents

I have been on service at Children’s National Medical Center this past week. This means I am the physician that admits children and adolescents with new onset diabetes. As we are a tertiary children’s hospital, many of our children are referred from ...
Fran Cogen, M.D.

New in Diabetes Technology

The technology revolution in diabetes gadgetry continues to blossom. We will address some latest devices and add a cautionary note about the report of a glitch in one of the insulin pumps (source -Diabetes in mySentry Remote Glucose mon...
Fran Cogen, M.D.

The Role of Glucagon in Diabetes Management

As we fill out the school forms for the new school year, there is an area for treatment of hypoglycemia. Once again, my diabetes spy, Ann Bartlett, has turned my attention to the treatment of hypoglycemia and the appropriate use of glucagon. Apparent...
Fran Cogen, M.D.

Diabetes and Ketones

Let’s test your knowledge: What are ketones? Large amounts of sugar in the urine Chemicals made when the body burns fat Large amounts of protein in the urine Small amounts of blood in the urine As part of continuing education for our families, we dev...
Fran Cogen, M.D.