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Gabe Howard is an award-winning writer, activist, and speaker who lives with bipolar and anxiety disorders. Gabe runs an online Facebook community, The Positive Depression/Bipolar Happy Place, and invites you to join. Learn how Gabe is creating significant change for everyone affected by bipolar disorder. Find out more about Gabe on his website,

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3 Warning Signs Someone Is Experiencing Bipolar Mania

If you suspect that bipolar mania is at play, but aren’t sure, use this handy list of three warning signs that someone is experiencing bipolar mania.

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Is the Word 'Crazy' Stigmatizing the Mentally Ill?

Many people will argue that the word “crazy” is a passive trigger that is demeaning, whether or not we mean it to be. In other words, using the word is inherently offensive, no matter the intention.

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Living With

What Does Living With Depression Feel Like?

Many people mistakenly believe that depression is just being extra sad. That isn’t true – at all.

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What Does Being Suicidal Actually Feel Like?

We all know what “being suicidal” means. But what does it feel like?

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Chronic Life

Do Your Loved Ones See Your Fatigue as Laziness?

Feeling abandoned by friends and family only adds to the trauma of managing chronic fatigue.

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Living With

How Important Is Sleep to Managing Bipolar Disorder?

Is there a relationship between the symptoms of bipolar disorder and your sleep patterns?

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Should You Tell Your Employer That You're Bipolar?

Credit: Thinkstock Bipolar disorder is considered an “invisible” illness. This means that while there are potentially visual clues, you generally can’t ascertain just by looking at someone whether they have it. This is especially true when that perso...

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4 Sure-Fire Tips To Survive the Holidays If You Have Panic and Anxiety

I love the holiday season. I love the music, the lights, and the decorations. As a person who lives with bipolar disorder, I appreciate the subtle “backwardness” of the season: We bring live trees inside, put electric lights outside, and tacky is the ...

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Three Big Mistakes For Someone With Social Anxiety

Human interactions are filled with potential pitfalls for everyone. A person doesn’t need to have social anxiety or depression to find it difficult to connect with others. We can’t read each other’s minds, we fear rejection, or we are worried that we ...

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Have Social Anxiety? Four Sure-Fire Conversation Starters

In our daily lives, we are required to interact with other people for many different reasons. Even ordering a hamburger at a fast food place requires social interaction – ideally, a positive one. Having social anxiety, however, makes many interaction...