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Let's Talk About ADHD in Adults

Most adults with ADHD have had it since childhood but were never diagnosed. Think that could be you? We're here to help.


Let's Talk About ADHD Signs and Symptoms

All kids can be hyper (and some adults, too). But does that mean you have ADHD? Here's what to look for.

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Let's Talk About ADHD

We explain the signs, symptoms, and treatments of ADHD—plus ways to make life with ADHD a little easier.

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The Sleep-Seizure Link: Secrets for Great Rest and Better Health

Logging consistently good zzz’s is crucial to managing epilepsy. And it’s totally possible! Here’s how to get the rest you need starting tonight.

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11 Tips for Raising a Child With Epilepsy

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed if your child’s been diagnosed with epilepsy. Here’s what docs and other parents want you to know so you feel less alone and more in control.