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Gina is a life coach, speaker, author, and advocate at She wrote for HealthCentral as a patient expert for Allergy.

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10 Food Allergy Myths

A recent study published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology concluded that "Increased food allergy knowledge among the general public is needed." This is no surprise to those of us who have food allergies or food allergic fami...

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Food Allergy Etiquette for Thanksgiving and Holiday Parties

Thanksgiving and other food-focused celebrations can be a challenge for those with food allergies and special dietary needs. Most dishes are made from scratch by cooks who don’t have to think about allergens or cross-contamination on a daily basis. U...

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Protecting Your Child From Food Allergies at Preschool

You’ve gotten through skin testing or blood testing and nailed down the food culprits causing your child to react. You’ve worked through the kinks with neighbors and in-laws, and your hubby remembers the Epi-Pen (almost) every time, and just when you ...

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8 Tips for Allergy-Proof Holiday Celebrations

Communication and planning are the keys to safe, allergy-free holiday celebrations. Food allergies can be a challenge at family gatherings and holiday celebrations.

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Gina Clowes of My Story

When my husband and I decided to have kids, I knew I would go back to work. I was one of those women who sneered at stay-home moms because “Motherhood is a relationship, not a career” I did end up going back after my first son was born, albeit part-t...