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Ginger Viera and her two children

How I Explain My Type 1 Diabetes to My Kids

When you hide your health challenges from your children, you miss an opportunity to teach them about the real world and real life.

Gluten free bread

My Top 5 Favorite Gluten-Free Products & Recipes

Delicious buttered dinner rolls and soft sandwich breads don’t have to be sacrificed on a GF diet with these products and recipes.

Various wheat breads.

3 Steps to Improving Any Slice of Gluten-Free Bread

For gluten free bread that isn’t crumbly, bland, or unsatisfying.

Gluten-free muffins.
Family Health

Gluten-free Products to Stock Your Shelves

Making the family switch to gluten free, though pricey at times, can be done easily by swapping choice foods to start.

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Can You Take a “Gluten Cheat Day” if You Have Celiac Disease?

While grieving the death of her father, one writer shares her experience of indulging in gluten, and how the experience changed her perspective on balancing nutrition with self-care.

Stressed mother holding her baby.

Postpartum Anxiety: I Became an Angry Mommy Monster

When Ginger found herself angry, stressed, and paranoid after the birth of her second daughter, she knew: Something wasn’t right.

A pregnant woman drinking a cup of tea on her porch.

10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy With Diabetes

Planning a pregnancy when you have type 2 diabetes can feel overwhelming. Here are 10 things you can do to prepare yourself for the best outcome.

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Just For Today"¦

Getting a little tired of the hundreds of articles and diabetes news stories reminding you that you are at serious risk for eye problems, kidney disease and the loss of your fingers and toes? Me too. We’re constantly hearing about the risks, the dama...

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Health App Review: Jillian Michael's Slim Down Solution

Check out my review of the Jillian Michael’s app, Slim Down Solution

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High Blood Sugars & Weight Gain...

One of the very important things I don’t noticed being emphasized very often from doctos or diabetes educators, is the very clear fct that the more ups and downs you see in your blood sugar, the more ilkely you are to gain weight. There are a lot of ...