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My Blood Sugar Loves Weightlifting

I’m not talking about “toning” or playing around with little 3- and 5-pound weights here – I’m talking about weightlifting. It’s one of the best things I’ve done for my blood sugar and insulin sensitivity. Since beginning to train seriously and regul...

Blue corn chips.

Blue Corn Chips: An Important Example of the Glycemic Index

Colored “flatbreads” and chips are healthier – especially for diabetics. This means swapping your white corn tortilla chips for those deep blue ones.

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Pumpkin Extract...For Your Blood Sugar?

pumpkins This is one of coolest, weirdest things about diabetes I’ve heard in awhile. Pumpkin extract could be an alternative to taking insulin. A recent study published in the Journal of th...

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I’d heard of this briefly once a few years ago: Type 1 diabetics running their blood sugars very high regularly and purposefully to lose weight. Apparently, this frightening habit has become a sort of weight-loss fad most commonly among young women a...