Grant Cooper, M.D., Health Professional

Grant Cooper is a board certified, fellowship-trained physician who specializes in the non-operative treatment of spine, joint and muscle pain. He wrote for HealthCentral as a health professional for Osteoarthritis.

Can I take pain medicine for arthritis if I'm also taking Coumadin?

Can I take pain medications if I am also taking Coumadin? The following story is fictional but is comprised from encounters with a few different patients I have seen over the years. I have changed details and combined the stories in order to compl...
Grant Cooper, M.D.

How to Relieve (and Prevent) Lower Back Pain From Returning

If I had an episode of lower back pain, am I always going to be more likely to have lower back pain in the future? It is true that once you have an episode of lower back pain or shooting leg pain, you are probably more likely to have it in the future ...
Grant Cooper, M.D.

How To Tell If You Need Surgery For Knee Arthritis

“My knee hurts and my doctor says I have bone-on-bone arthritis. Do I need surgery?” I have talked about this question before on this blog, but the question continues to arise in my office so I know you may still have this question, too. A standard s...
Grant Cooper, M.D.

Amazing Facts About Your Joints

It is hard to appreciate something if you don’t understand it. Understanding your joints and how they function helps you not only appreciate them but also understand how best to care for them. There are different basic kinds of joints in your body. A...
Grant Cooper, M.D.

Your Arthritis May Not Go Away, But Your Arthritis Pain Can

One of the more common questions I am asked is if a patient’s arthritis will ever get better. When told that osteoarthritis is causing their pain, some patients get despondent and say something like, “Oh, I was afraid of that. I guess that’s just par...
Grant Cooper, M.D.