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Greg Daugherty is an award-winning writer and editor specializing in retirement topics. He has served as editor-in-chief of Reader’s Digest New Choices retirement magazine, executive editor of Consumer Reports, where he wrote a popular column about preparing for retirement, and senior editor at Money. His work has appeared in Money, Smithsonian, Parade, The New York Times, and, among others.

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Daughter pushes her dad in wheelchair while her mom takes her arm.

Caregiving Can Be a Mixed Blessing, Families Say

Having a devoted family caregiver can be invaluable for the person who needs help. But for the caregivers themselves there are benefits—and burdens.

Middle age man at the dentist office.
Risk Factors

Over 50? Putting Off a Dental Visit Could Cost You

People age 50 to 64 who put off going to the dentist were more likely to have dental problems later on. Some of that reason was cost. Here’s where to find help.

Older man at pharmacy counter talking to pharmacist image.

4 Ways to Keep Health Costs Down in Retirement

While the federal Medicare program picks up a lot of the heath-care tab for Americans over 65, it doesn’t cover everything.

Adult child helping senior parent complete paperwork.

Few With Dementia Are Enrolled in Money Management Tool

One of the things a lot of us worry about is how long our parents will be able to take care of themselves — not just physically but financially.

Painting class in nursing home rec room image.

Nursing Home Care May Be Less Costly Than You Think

While a nursing home stay may be nothing to look forward to, it is rarely as expensive as many of us fear, according to a new report.

Middle aged man mowing the lawn

How Active Do You Think You Are? Why That Matters

New research suggests that how active you simply think you are, compared with other people your age, can make a big difference in your health.

Senior couple smiling at home together

To Age Better, Think Positively

Positive thinking may not be a cure-all, or even a cure-anything, but when it comes to the health effects of aging, it has its pluses.

Worried About Retirement? This Could Help

Worried About Retirement? This Could Help

People who scored higher on a test for financial literacy were less likely to report feeling anxious about what their retirement years had in store for them.

Keys to Retirement Readiness

4 Keys to Retirement Readiness

If you’re contemplating retirement in the coming years, now’s a good time to start planning for your transition. Here are four positive steps to consider.

One Secret to a Long, Happy Retirement
Living With

One Secret to a Long, Happy Retirement

A sense of purpose is a good thing to have at any stage of life. But as you approach retirement age it can be especially important.