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Nutrition Facts Label IQ

Think you’re an expert on food label lingo" Think again. Many long time label readers can get tripped up in the aisles. Take this quiz to see how you rate.

This Food Swap Could Lower Your Cholesterol

Substituting just one or two servings plant protein for animal protein with every day could help lower your cholesterol and cut your heart disease risk, suggests a study conducted by researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and published in t...

10 Exercises To Help Seniors

Key exercises to build muscle strength to reduce falls in seniors.

Simple Exercises for All Levels of RA

Exercise is a very important aspect of managing RA. Here are examples of what RA patients—no matter the level of their severity—can do to stay active. Read more

Can Gallstones Cause High Blood Sugar Levels?

Can Gallstones Cause High Blood Sugar Levels?

Tingling Pain In Fingers Of The Left Hand

Tingling and numbness could be a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome, if youdo a lot of repetitive motions with that hand. It also could be a pinched nerve in your arm or shoulder.

Prickly Pain In Right Heel

Depending on where in your heel the pain is, there are a few possibilities for heel pain.

Triptan Withdrawal And Resulting Intense Migraine

Triptan withdrawal can cause intense migraine pain. Medications are available to help.

What Kind Of Headache Causes A 12 Yr Old To Wake Up Every Other Morning With Pain In Forehead?

What kind of headache affects kids in the morning? It could be migraines.

Is Oatmeal Good For A Diabetic Diet?

If you have diabetes, should you increase or eliminate oatmeal from your diabetic diet? And if you should increase it, is there a specific kind you should be eating?