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Weighing food on food scale.

Weighing In: Kilocalorie vs. Calorie

How are the kilocalories you see on you heart rate monitor different than the calories you eat from food? (Hint: They're not)

Weighing In: What is a low purine diet?

What's a Low Purine Diet?

Find out what should be on your plate to lower your uric acid levels and prevent painful kidney stones and gout.

Weighing In: How do I lose weight on a bland diet?

Question: I recently found out that I have stomach ulcers and I need to be on a bland food diet for awhile. I also recently quit smoking and gained 10 pounds. I really want to lose this weight that I have gained, but every thing I have read about bla...


Weighing In: Can I drink regular soda in moderation?

Question: I know regular soda is high in calories but everything is okay in moderation. So is it alright to drink regular soda in moderation? Heather: Yes, it is true that all foods and drinks, in moderation, can fit into a healthy diet plan. However...

Foods That Can Lower the Frequency of Your Outbreaks

Herpes is not a medical condition typically associated with diet; however, outbreaks of this painful virus have been linked to two amino acids. While the research is not conclusive, those who suffer from this virus are usually willing to try any reme...


Weighing In: Should I eat when my stomach growls?

Question: I’ve been dieting but my stomach keeps growling so I have to eat. How do I lose weight if my body is constantly telling me to eat more? Heather: It’s not uncommon to experience signs of hunger after you’ve cut down on your calories, but thi...


Weighing In: How can I determine the number of exchanges in combination foods?

Question: What is the best method for calculating diabetic exchanges of mixed foods such as chicken pot pie or vegetable beef soup? Could you please share the steps to this process? Thanks Heather: This can be quite challenging. In fact, many diabete...


Weighing In: What vitamins should I take?

Question: I am a 54-year-old women who is concerned with taking the right type of vitamins. What vitamins should I be taking and how much of each should I take? Answer: Unless you have a severely limited diet, a basic multivitamin should meet most of ...


Popular Diets Reviewed: Sugar Busters Diet

The Sugar Busters Diet is another plan that came out during the rise of the low carb craze in the mid-1990’s. Released in 1995, right around the time Atkins released his New Diet Revolution, Sugar Busters focuses on elminating sugar and other high gl...


Popular Diets Reviewed: The Supermarket Diet

When I first heard that there was a diet called the Supermarket Diet, I assumed it was an eating plan based on a common recommendation of dietitians, shopping the perimeter of the grocery store. This techniques ensures that people purchase fresh prod...