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Holly Pevzner

Health Writer

Holly Pevzner specializes in creating health, nutrition, parenting and pregnancy content for a variety of publications, such as EatingWell, Family Circle, Parents, and Real Simple. Before becoming a full-time writer, Holly held senior staff positions at Prevention, Fitness, and Self magazines, covering medical health and psychology. She was also a contributing editor at Scholastic Parent & Child magazine. She resides with her family in Brooklyn, New York.

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Let's Talk About Lung Cancer Stages

If you’ve been diagnosed with this disease, the path your treatment will take depends on your cancer stage. Learn more about what each stage means, and how doctors determine where your cancer falls.

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Let's Talk About Lung Cancer Types

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Let’s Talk About Lung Cancer Screening and Prevention

The first step in your fight against lung cancer is avoiding it in the first place. While no one is completely immune to the disease, there are steps you can take to drastically cut your risk.

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Let's Talk About Lung Cancer Causes

Of all the cancers you could get, lung cancer has some of the most easily identifiable risk factors—including a big one that's completely in your control to eliminate. Learn what experts say you can do to reduce your risk of this disease.

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Let's Talk About Lung Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Anytime you can spot cancer early, your odds of successful treatment go up—but in the case of lung cancer, that's a tall order. We asked the experts what red flags to look for when it comes to this disease.

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9 Superfoods for High Blood Pressure

Adding these heart-healthy bites to your diet could help you keep your BP in check.

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Foods to Avoid With High Blood Pressure

When you have high blood pressure, knowing what to eat is important but knowing what to skip is even more crucial. Check out these foods to avoid if you have high BP.