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Biologic medication with an injection needle.

How Do Biologic Therapies Help Psoriasis?

Biologics can make a big difference with psorisis, but they also pose some risks. Here's what you should know about biologic therapies before making a decision.

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10 Ways Contact Lenses Will Help in Future

Come with us on a short trip into the near future.But first, the past – in 1508, Leonardo da Vinci drew the inklings of an idea for contact lenses in a sketch. A few hundred years later, the first ones were produced. In much less time than that you’l...

Woman hiding behind a scarf.

Tips to Hide Your Psoriasis

Like everyone, you like to present your best self to the rest of the world. Here are a few ways to minimize the outward effects of psoriasis.

6 Activities To Do With Your Contacts OUT

6 Activities To Do With Your Contacts OUT

Contacts offer a high level of convenience, but there are still some activities (some routine) that need to be done without them.

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What to Know for Pokemon Go

It was 1990 and young Satoshi Tajiri had a dream: One day people of all ages would rush (willy nilly, if possible) around the world to capture, train and trade 151 strange and mildly disturbing creatures, with one ultimate goal – to be crowned a Poké...