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Jacki wrote for HealthCentral as a patient expert for Breast Cancer.

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Breast Cancer Diagnosis: A Husband and Wife Guide to the First 48 Hours

Jacki and John Donaldson My mom was the first person I called after learning I had breast cancer. She lives in my neighborhood, and I knew she’d run right over and console me. She did. My husband was the second person I told. He became the first, how...

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An Overview of Screening and Diagnostic Mammograms

Jacki Donaldson, a breast cancer survivor, describes what roles screening and diagnostic mammograms play in breast cancer detection and care. Mammograms can be used for both screening and diagnostic purposes. Screening is recommended for all women, b...

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Breast MRI and the New American Cancer Society Guidelines for Breast Cancer Detection

In March 2007, the American Cancer Society announced that breast MRI and mammogram, when used together, give doctors a better chance of finding breast cancer early in high-risk women, when it’s easier to treat, when survival outcomes are more hopeful...

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Chemo Incognito: Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Wig

Jacki Donaldson’s advice can make life after breast cancer chemotherapy much easier. A little more than one year ago, I was bald - compliments of chemotherapy for breast cancer. It was a tough time for me, losing the hair I really liked and adjusting ...

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How to Choose a Wig, Hat or Other Post-Chemo Accessory

While bald is beautiful for some, Jacki Donaldson’s advice can make life after breast cancer chemotherapy much easier for those seeking hair help. Ponytail hat photo compliments of A little more than one year ago, I was bald - compl...

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Radiation 101: Your Guide to Radiation

Jacki Donaldson, who has been through radiation for breast cancer treatment, explains what you need to know before, during, and after radiation. When it comes to breast cancer treatment, radiation can seem like a walk in the park compared to major su...

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Chemotherapy 101 Part II: Managing Through Treatment

In Part II, Jacki Donaldson guides you through the process of undergoing chemotherapy, describes typical side effects and offers tips for finding support. Part II: Managing Through Treatment Ready, Set, Go Before each chemo session, a nurse will draw ...

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Chemotherapy 101 Part III: Surviving Chemotherapy

Jacki Donaldson fills you in on what more is in store once you have completed your treatment, including side effects, additional treatments, and common emotional reactions. Part III: Surviving Chemotherapy The Short and Long Of It Short-term side eff...

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Chemotherapy 101 Part I: Preparing for Chemotherapy

Expert patient Jacki Donaldson explains how to prepare for chemotherapy, including obtaining all of the information you need, choosing your drugs, and knowing when to use your instincts. After my breast cancer diagnosis and lumpectomy, I believed tha...