Jackie Zimmerman

Jackie Zimmerman

Patient Advocate

Jackie Zimmerman is a multiple sclerosis and ulcerative colitis patient and the founder of Girls With Guts. Since diagnosis, she has blogged her IBD journey at Blood, Poop, and Tears. Jackie has worked hard to become a strong voice in the patient advocacy community. In her free time (what free time?!) she spends time with her two rescue pups, her husband Adam and plays roller derby. She’s online @JackieZimm.

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When you’re preparing for colorectal surgery, it feels like your surgeon throws a ton of information at you. Left and right, risks and benefits, pros and con. However, no matter how much information they throw at you, there is always something you wo...

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Seeing the Light: Getting Through the Emotional Fall-out of an MS Flare

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10 UC Patients Share Uplifting Advice

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Do You Need a Walking Bike in Your Life?

These cool mobility devices can be an excellent option for people with earlier forms of multiple sclerosis, helping you do more and go farther.

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