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Managing Your Period With a J-Pouch

J-pouches share ‘real estate’ in the pelvic area with your uterus, which can complicate periods even more.

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How to Prep for Travel With UC: Part 2

The best tips for navigating through the terminal all the way until you land safely at your destination, because UC doesn’t stop at check-in.

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Why I Felt So Alone After My MS Diagnosis

When Jackie Zimmerman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she was the only person in her world with a chronic condition. Then she found a support network.

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Family Health

First in the Family with a Genetic Disease: What It’s Like

“Living with UC has been one of the toughest things I’ve done in my life, but because of my diagnosis my whole family is more educated now.”

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How to Prep for Travel with UC

Essentials to pack in your carry-on and how to swiftly get through TSA when managing IBD symptoms and stress.

Ostomy bag selection

What I Found in My Follow-Up Pouchoscopy

Like every other part of the digestive tract, J-pouches need to be regularly checked and examined for problems, like inflammation and cancer.

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Interview with Dr. Riehl: Treating the WHOLE Person, Not the Parts

As an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patient, I talk a lot about mental health and how it works in conjunction with my IBD and other chronic illnesses. Over the course of the last 10 years I have seen a shift (albeit a slow one) that is starting to ...

Challenges and Successes of Being Employed With IBD

Credit: iStock I graduated college in 2007, and have been working ever since. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) 10 years ago, and with ulcerative colitis eight years ago. I have spent essentially my entire professional life working hard to ...

How to Find a New Neurologist

I was one of the fortunate few — someone who had a neurologist they liked and trusted. I felt like a person in his office rather than just one of many patients. But all that changed very quickly. At my first appointment of the year, my doctor informe...

My Blind Date With A GI

I had a pretty exciting blind date a few weeks ago. I found her online and liked her profile. In her picture she looked friendly and nice. She wasn’t far from my house, and was relatively close to my age, so I figured we would have a lot in common. I ...