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Decoding Your Bowel Movements

It wasn’t until I started seeing a gastroenterologist (GI) that I began having some of the most uncomfortable conversations of my life. After all, one of the most common conversations with GIs includes the question, “How’s your poop?” I always tried ...

What is a Health Advocate?
Second Opinion

What is a Health Advocate?

After working at WEGO health and being exposed to so many different health conditions, my opinion of what a health activist or advocate is has changed.

hand holding pill and water glass
Second Opinion

Why I am a "noncompliant" patient

What can I say? I hated taking shots… HATED it. I hated the lumps under my skin, I hated the bruises, and I hated the burning. It was the worst.

Living 'Healthy' with IBD

Because each person is unique, living with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis is a different experience for each patient. This means that sickness and recovery look different for each patient, too. But let’s take a look at how different people als...

Fight FOMO to Live Better
Chronic Life

Fight FOMO to Live Better

No! Arguably, “No” is one of the most popular of the first words that babies learn to speak. It’s a simple one syllable word. It’s easy to say and easy to spell. “No” gives us a definitive answer to many questions asked, and is a clear reaction to ma...

Fight for Mental Health by Destroying Stigma

Hi, I’m Jackie and I take medication for depression, and I post on the internet about my bouts with depression and past suicidal thoughts. I do it because it’s important to talk about these things. Sure, it makes some people uncomfortable, but I don’...

What Should You Eat Before and After IBD Surgery?

So you’re facing bowel surgery? Have no fear, your guide to pre-op eating and post-op chowing down is hereBefore bowel surgery Before bowel surgery you’re probably going to be feeling pretty crummy. If so, just keep eating what has been safe for you. ...

MS and Vitamin D Deficiency

More than a billion people in the world are vitamin D deficient. That can lead to serious health effects, so let’s take some time to learn about vitamin D and what to do if you’re deficient.

The Evolution of My MS

In September 2006, I was in my final semester of college, ready to graduate and take on the world. I had plans to be a graphic designer – someone who would make art that made people feel something. The world was my oyster, and I planned to take it al...

Staying on Top of Staying Hydrated

Since dehydration is such a common topic among IBD patients and ostomates, let’s learn about proper hydration.