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Jacqueline is a former content producer for HealthCentral. She is a multimedia journalist with a bachelor's degree in English Literature and a master's in Broadcast Journalism and Public Affairs.

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The Top 10 Questions About PTSD Answered

Regular stress can be thought of as the experiences and tensions we have on a daily basis that can potentially lead to anxiety, depression and physical illness. Post-traumatic stress is specific to a trauma.

Watch for These Advanced Melanoma Warning Signs

Knowing the symptoms of stage 4 melanoma can help you recognize any alarming changes in your condition.

7 Best Food Choices for MS

While there is no “MS diet" that has been proven to be an effective treatment, certain foods, such as the following, can have a positive impact on some MS symptoms. According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS), a well-balanced, ca...

Common Relapsing-Remitting MS Symptoms

Relapsing-remitting MS is the most common type of multiple sclerosis. In this type of MS, symptoms become worse during a relapse and improve in remission.

7 Ways to Manage Stress with Psoriasis

Many people living with psoriasis get caught in a cycle of stress. Some report that having high stress may worsen psoriasis symptoms or lead to flare-ups. In turn, living with psoriasis symptoms can increase stress, and the cycle continues. So it’s a...

Common Psoriasis Misconceptions

Psoriasis affects approximately 7.5 million people in the U.S., but there are still many misconceptions about what it is, what causes it and how it is treated. Education about the condition is important in helping the public better understand those l...

6 Ways to Improve Sleep with MS

More than half of those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis report having sleep problems, according to the MS Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (MSRRTC). Most sleep problems occur not as a direct result of MS but because of secondary factors, ...

Psoriasis Rates Keep Climbing

Annual incidence of psoriasis nearly doubled over the last 30-some years, according to a new study. Here’s how patients are reacting.

Making Dark Chocolate Strawberries

For this classic Valentine’s Day treat, you need only two ingredients! See this infographic.

10 Everyday Ways to Help Manage Your Psoriasis

No two cases of psoriasis are the same, and different strategies for managing symptoms work for different people.