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Jacqueline is a former content producer for HealthCentral. She is a multimedia journalist with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a master’s in Broadcast Journalism and Public Affairs.

Turning Point: A Woman Faces Her MS

From childhood through her career, Susan Braden had always been the “go girl,” someone who moved fast and got things done. But MS changed all that. It took a while, but, through meditation, Susan came to realize that she couldn’t beat the condition, ...
Jacqueline Ho

5 Worst Bra Mistakes You're Making

You probably don’t think twice when it comes to buying and wearing bras. But did you know that many women make mistakes that can be harmful to their health?
Jacqueline Ho

What Happens After Breast Cancer: FAQ

Women who have recently finished treatment may be wondering what their chances are of breast cancer recurrence, whether they can do anything to prevent it and how the cancer may continue to affect them.
Jacqueline Ho

What to Eat for Healthy Joints

Exercising and eating right can help you maintain good joint health. Here are seven foods that can help keep your joints healthy.
Jacqueline Ho

Chocolate-Dipped Banana Bread Bites

Looking for a healthy but delectable treat? Try these chocolate-dipped banana bread muffin pops. Each serving has heart-healthy antioxidants and energy-boosting whole grains.
Jacqueline Ho

3 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

Try these three healthy alternatives that bring the flavors of fall without wreaking havoc on your health or on your waistline.
Jacqueline Ho