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Jacqueline Marcell

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Jacqueline wrote for HealthCentral as a patient expert for Alzheimer's Disease.

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Negative Behaviors That May Be Early Signs of Dementia

I have to stop listening to “Dr. Nora” while I am driving, as I am going to get in an accident from my jaw hitting the steering wheel. I rarely tune in, but I swear, every time I do-some adult daughter is calling in about being at her wit’s end with ...

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Why It's Important to Look Early at Assisted Living Options

At one of my recent seminars, an “at-her-wit’s-end" adult daughter, Sally, rushed up afterward pleading for my advice on how to get her elderly parents to move to Assisted Living before their health deteriorated any further. She lived cross-cou...

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Can Exposure To Aluminum Cause Alzheimer's?

I received this question today: “I am so afraid of using aluminum products, because I believe it caused my mother’s and her best friend’s Alzheimer’s. They worked together in an aluminum plant for most of their lives and they died together too. I am ...

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Denial of Short-Term Memory Loss: Most Common Problem In Preventing Early Treatment for Alzheimer's

After seven years of advocating about the importance of early diagnosis of any type of dementia (Alzheimer’s is one type), I would have to say that denial is still the biggest factor in preventing early diagnosis and treatment. Even my own friends, w...

Senior woman comforting her troubled husband.

Hallucinations and Delusions: How to Help Loved Ones Cope

Here are some tips for differentiating between hallucinations and delusions, and for helping loved ones cope with these troubling experiences.