Jacqueline Marcell, Patient Expert

Jacqueline wrote for HealthCentral as a patient expert for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Can Exposure To Aluminum Cause Alzheimer's?

I received this question today: “I am so afraid of using aluminum products, because I believe it caused my mother’s and her best friend’s Alzheimer’s. They worked together in an aluminum plant for most of their lives and they died together too. I am ...
Jacqueline Marcell

The Importance of Early Detection

In 1998 the United States had only 9,000 Geriatricians (an MD with a specialty in geriatrics) trained to care for 34 million Americans over age 65. A sobering new statistic reveals the figure has declined to only 6,700 specialists, yet the need stead...
Jacqueline Marcell

Meet Jacqueline Marcell, Caregiving Expert

Author of the best-seller “Elder Rage” and radio host of “Coping With Caregiving” shares her insights on how to manage the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease. Jacqueline Marcell is a former college professor and television executive, who was so compel...
Jacqueline Marcell

Coping With Elders Who Complain About Everything

When an elderly loved one chronically complains about everyone and everything, and you have already been sympathetic, offered solutions and tried to change the subject yet the moaning persists, realize you may have inadvertently created your own mons...
Jacqueline Marcell