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Treating Moderate to Severe Eczema

Dr. James Thompson shares his advice on how to properly care for eczema that is past its early stages, and has grown moderate or severe.

8 Tips to Prevent Severe Anaphylaxis

Start with a comprehensive evaluation with your doctor to confirm what your allergy triggers are and how to avoid them.

When Medications Aren't Enough for Your CIU

Living with chronic hives can be particularly frustrating. So, to tackle this challenging condition, you may need to combine different treatments.

Diagnosing and Treating CIU

Some chronic hives patients go through years of hopping from one doctor to another, searching for the cause of their recurring welts, itching, and/or swelling.

Are You Ready for Ragweed Season?

Just when you thought the worst of summer allergies was over, ragweed season is about to kick in. Here are tips to help reduce the misery.

Why Hives and Swelling Go Hand in Hand

Here’s the science behind why that happens.

Your First Doctor's Visit

It will be a tremendous help to your doctor if you are prepared to answer these 20 questions.

New Developments: Once Daily Inhalers to Control Asthma

Less is more when it comes to the maintenance of asthma with controller medications. Believe it or not, in the late 1980s, patients were instructed to take controller inhalers (for example Vanceril) four puffs three times daily.

Allergic Eye Reactions Include Dryness

Instead of watery eyes, this year you may find your eyes are unusually dry. Could it be allergies or something else?

The Right Way to Use Your Inhaler

There’s a right way and a wrong way to use an inhaler. A surprising number of people do it the wrong way.