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Jasmine wrote for HealthCentral as a patient expert for Incontinence.

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Is My Bladder Weak?

I was recently asked about “weak bladders”, so I thought I’d write about the two most common types of incontinence, and explain a bit about whether or not a bladder can actually be “weak”. The two types of incontinence that people experience most fre...

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Incontinence Products: What's in a Name?

There’s been a lot of discussion lately around what to call those… ahem… products… that are so often used to help manage incontinence. While I’ve addressed this issue a couple of times in response to individual questions, I thought I’d “officially” t...

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Reasons to See a Doctor for Incontinence

Many people are hesitant to ask their doctor about pelvic health matters, but I don’t think I can stress enough the importance of making him or her aware of any issues related to urinary incontinence. To help nudge you a bit, here are 10 reasons to s...

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How Health Savings Accounts Can Help With Incontinence

I personally have learned first-hand about the difficulty of obtaining, and paying for, private health insurance in the U.S., so I can appreciate a money-saving plan when I see one. If you have a high-deductible insurance plan, please read on for mor...

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What Doctor to See About Incontinence

If you’ve been following my SharePosts for a while, you’ve come to understand that I constantly preach “see your doctor, see your doctor”. The next logical question is: What doctor do I see? Seeing Your Primary Care Physician about Incontinence There ...

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Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid Coverage

Using products to manage incontinence can take its toll financially. Working your way through the world of Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance can be confusing, and unfortunately all too often it ends up fruitless, but there is much work that we ...

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Adult Enuresis

While following this recent community SharePost (, I realized just how many people on this website are dealing with enuresis (bedwetting). While I’ve written a good deal about childhoo...

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The Year of the Pelvis: Women, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), and Pelvic Prolapse

A family member called me this week regarding a friend who was having a painful pressure sensation in her pelvic area. After testing negative for a urinary tract infection, her doctor recommended a specialist who wasn’t able to see her for a number o...

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Do I Have Incontinence?

In his SharePost, Craig poses a very interesting question: what is incontinence, actually, and who has it? At first glance, it sounds like a very easy question, but in fact experts have been discussing this very issue all week at a National Institute...

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Water Matters

One question I’m asked a lot is “how much water should I be drinking?” When people are experiencing incontinence or nocturia (waking up more than twice at night to urinate), they often try to control the condition by limiting their intake of liquids. ...