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Medical Privacy and George Clooney's Medical Records

After actor George Clooney was recently involved in a motorcycle accident, staff at the New Jersey medical facility where he was treated allegedly sneaked a peek at his file and possibly leaked private information to the media. Reportedly, some forty ...

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Storms of Incontinence: Causes of Incontinence

Whew - that was close I drove home from work today and after parking decided to run a few errands on foot in my neighborhood since it was warm and sunny. I started at the post office, and after being in there for just about five minutes, I walked out...

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Online Dating for People with Incontinence

The countdown is on my friends - my upcoming wedding is now a short eight weeks away And so, in the spirit of love, this SharePost shall be about finding romance and friendship. Intimacy is complicated enough without the additional layer of dealing w...

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Other Cultures and Bathroom Etiquette: Do I Bring Toilet Paper?

As I write this blog I’m sitting surrounded by a large backpack, various items of clothing strewn about the floor, and assorted medications of every kind. I am packing: this afternoon I leave for India where I will be traveling for nearly three weeks...

Broken outdoor faucet leaking.

Bladder Cancer

A form of cancer that is often associated with incontinence. It is the sixth most common cancer in the U.S: bladder cancer.

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How to Travel with Incontinence

For a person with incontinence, traveling by plane, train or car can pose many obstacles. It certainly can be done, but you need to plan realistically. First of all, consider how you are most comfortable traveling. Some people prefer driving because ...

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Stigma and Incontinence

Did you ever fall flat on your face in front of your first crush in junior high? Or how about more recently" have you ever gone to the bathroom during a business lunch only to find spinach in your teeth? Life is full of embarrassing moments just ...