Jay Motola, M.D., Health Professional

Jay Motola, MD, is a board-certified urologist and attending physician, Department of Urology, Mount Sinai West, and Assistant Professor of Urology, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Dr. Motola is a summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Boston University, and earned his medical degree at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Minimally Invasive Therapy for Prostate Enlargement

Many men in their late 50s begin to have difficulties related to the urge to urinate frequently, having the need to urinate many times overnight, and possibly not getting to the bathroom in time and experiencing incontinence. Benign prostatic hyperpl...
Jay Motola, M.D.

The Vaginal Mesh Controversy Continues

In early March 2015, a California jury ordered Johnson and Johnson’s Ethicon division to pay $5.7 million in the first trial due to injuries that have been attributable to the TVT Abbrevo mesh product.
Jay Motola, M.D.

Incontinence is Something to Talk About

If you’ve suffered from frequent urination, or other bladder control symptoms, you may have incontinence. But treatment is possible, and is just a conversation away.
Jay Motola, M.D.

How should we treat advanced prostate cancer in older men?

Most of the controversy about the treatment of prostate cancer focuses on the early diagnosis and treatment of early stage prostate cancer in patients. The question of whether PSA testing and subsequent treatment based on this helps to save lives rem...
Jay Motola, M.D.

Does Androgen Deprivation Therapy Benefit All Patients?

Prostate cancer can be broken down into localized disease that has not spread beyond the prostate and advanced disease that has extended beyond into local structures such as the seminal vesicles, lymph nodes or distant spread to bone. Traditionally, ...
Jay Motola, M.D.

Common Prostate Cancer Questions

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be overwhelming, to say the least. Let these 10 doctor-answered FAQ’s guide you.
Jay Motola, M.D.